Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Watering my dracaena plant?

I have a dracaena, and I'm not sure how much I should be watering it, nor am I sure of the amount of water I should be giving it each time. It's fairly young; I bought it about two weeks ago. I gave it about six ounces of water, but the majority of it soaked through the pot. The last time I watered it was about three or four days ago.

Watering my dracaena plant?
how big is the pot....

six ounces into a 3 gallon pot wouldn't be excessive

but that much to a six inch pot would be way more than enough.

please have a little kindness for bugsie she gave you the right answer.

draceanas CAN take a lot of ignoring and be just fine.

make sure the soil in the pot is firmed up so the water doesn't just run through.

every ten days is plenty..... almost too often.

never let it sit in water most of its roots are in the bottom half of the pot---don't change that.

they like to be pot bound,

they grow more in summer,

if you can leave the water sitting out over night before you water the plant it will help reduce the chlorine/fluoride issues that draceanas sometimes have.

if you water it too often the roots will rot.

-they have some big fat storage roots.

good luck-----

----oh yeah, what kind of draceana is it by the way?
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Reply:Did you know that the common name for Dracaena is 'Mother-in-laws Tongue'?

I agree with bugsie. DO NOT OVER WATER!!!!

Once a month should be enough depending on the type of soil.

Also, the plant likes to be crowded in its pot, so, you won't need to re-pot it too often. Don't let the roots strangle in the pot; watch for that depending on the plant soil and size of container you got at the nursery.

Reply:Dracaena can go a long time with out water.

UNLESS they are in the direct sun.

I live in New England, and in the winter once a month water, with some misting in between is enough.

More will rot them.

It is very drought tolerant and cold tolerant also.






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