Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to help a broken Dracaena marginata?

Okay, my wife has this Dracaena marginata - two stalks, I guess you'd call them.

Well, 1 1/2 stalks now. The cat attacked it sometime this morning, and broke one off at the point where the leaves end and the stalk/trunk/whatever begins.

Bad cat. Very bad cat.

Anyway, I'd like to repair/replant it. Which I did - stuck the broken-off part in the dirt near the original plant. But, not knowing much about this sort off thing, I don't know if that'll bring it back to life or just give it a different place to die.

Is there anything that can be done for it that I haven't? Splint it with popsicle sticks? Splice it back together ala jr. high vaguely-remembered biology? Play the entire Beatles anthology for it?

She just got the plant, and she's already pretty fond of it, so I'd like to keep it (and the errant cat) alive %26amp; healthy.


How to help a broken Dracaena marginata?
If the plant is jagged where the cat attacked it, make a clean cut straight across with a sharp knife. New lateral growth will come in time. Take the broken off part and make a clean cut on IT. Let it dry for a day (until it stops "bleeding") then you can replant it in the same pot. With enough water and some plant food it should take. There is also a product called Root-tone where you dip the bottom of the broken stem in it and then plant it . Or you can root it in water by itself, then replant it in the same pot or start a new one. Good luck.
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Reply:The broken plant will shoot a new growth in no time. You can put the broken-off part into a jar with water, it will root very quickly. Then plant it in a pot with tropical soil mix and keep the soil slightly moist - there will be another plant for you to enjoy. Dracaenas are very forgiving and tolerant plants.

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