Tuesday, November 17, 2009

White Worms In Fire-Bellied Toad Tank?

Recently I've found tiny worms in my Fire-belly tank. Some rang to about a centimeter, no bigger than an air bubble, to about half an inch.

The smaller ones are sometimes carried around by the filter and others attach themselves to the side of the tank.

The larger one swim in an "S" shape and are white, one is a light gray.

I do occasionally use rain water because it's healthier than tap water but I let it sit outside in the sun until the late afternoon when I cover the top of my water supply which I later bring inside for the froggies. I also have some lucky bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) in my tank if that makes any difference.

I just cleaned my tank a week ago, but I'm afraid that they may be harfmul to my four fire-bellies. Thank you for any help I may receive.

White Worms In Fire-Bellied Toad Tank?
They are some sort of ticks or mites that may harm your toads.

You have to set out a mission to clean up.

Buy a reptile disenfectant found at any good reptile shop do NOT use a normal disenfectant!

Take out everything and put your filters in hot water. Also, boil the bamboo and any other plants you might have. Hot water and boiling will kill off any of these pests.

Empty out your tank and use the reptile disenfactent for the insides, clean well!

That should get rid of them - make sure to put everything in warm water for a while!

I know it is a hard procedure but still- its for your toad's safety!

I also suggest checking out your toads- they might have these worms on them too

Some helpful links:


Reply:if you are using rain water it could be mosquito larvae, i would take the water out and put clean water in, but keep the water you take out as if it is mosquito larvae then when they turn into mosquito's you have some live food for your toad, it is more than likely when the water was outside something layed its eggs in it then in they hatched in the tank, great live food for the toads, i have fire bellied toads and they do not usually get worms, but if you leave the water in the toads will eat what ever bug it is, best of luck honey.

Can anyone help me identify these plants?

My mother bought these adorable untagged potted plants for me when my room was being redone. There are four of them. On of them I believe is a dracaena, but I am not sure. Please help! I need to know their species so that I can evaluate whether or not they are toxic for my birds.

unknown plant:


unknown tree?:





unknown vine:



Can anyone help me identify these plants?
plant= false aralia

tree= schefflera

dracaena is right, we call it a corn plant

vine= ivy
Reply:Partial answer: Your unknow tree is not a tree but is a scheffelera or aka umbrella plant. It can get quite large but will not make a tree. Your vine is a sweet potato vine. So much for now. Your dracena is correct. I am still workig on the first plant. It might be some sort of fern but I am looking. The other three are correct.
Reply:I think the 2nd picture could be an "Umbrella Plant". Haven't a clue about the others though.
Reply:You should have put this in the Botany section in Science and Mathematics. Of course they are more knowledgeable about plants than Landscapers, sorry to say. But thats their proffesion. Botanists = Botany = Theres your answer

Edit: People here might have answers, but you have better luck in the Botany section. Post it again over there.
Reply:ok the 1st 2 look like a dracnea and a schferrillla. the schef will get very big if planted outside so if u do plant it away from the house.The3rd looks like a ribbon plant and i believe the4th is aneedle point ivy.

I looked them up in my houseplants for modern living book.

I'm 99% sure these r ur plants or at least in those families.
Reply:The plants are the kind that need water


Traveling Plants???

I just bought a "Dracaena Lucky Bamboo" while I am visiting at my gramma in the Bay Area (near San Francisco). I am flying back to Los Angeles on the 31st, and I was wondering if anyone knew if I can take the plant with me somehow. how does that work exactly? Do you just put the plant in a box and put it in your suitcase or what?

Traveling Plants???
Cool i live in the bay area too! AnyWays take it to the UPS or Kinkos Store And Ship It to your house!

Hope I helped!
Reply:Well, this plant isn't really a bamboo, like you said it's a dracaena. Is your plant in water or in a pot with soil? Either way, all you need to do wrap your plants roots in a wet paper towel, put your plant in a plastic bag and put your plant somewhere it wont get damaged.
Reply:Wasn't there a film made a few years back, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Plants?"

Plant Help Please?

Does anyone out there know how to care for a "Dracaena Lucky Bamboo"? I just bought one, and it said that it needs to be fertilized with "mild liquid house-plant food". I bought "Easy to Use Liquid Plant Food for Houseplants, Container Gardens, and Vegetables". Can someone please tell me any special care for this bamboo and/or how to store the liquid plant food? I'll take anything. PLEASE HELP. I want this plant to be well-taken-care-of.

Plant Help Please?
here you go..make sure you let the chlorine dissipate from tap water..of buy distilled water first..


Help! My dog munched on a plant - is it toxic?

My basset hound (which pretty much eats everything anyway and never bother her) over a week ago devoured a plant over at my friend's house. We didn't realize it until days later when she found the almost entirely empty pot! It was a Magenta Dracaena plant. I have no idea what type that is, I'm not a plant person. She was moping around all last week and slowly got back to her self but then yesterday got really mopy again and this morning was acting very weird. Was standing in the corner, almost like she was going to throw up. I am waiting to hear from the vet but does anyone know about this plant and/or if it is toxic for pets? Should I be worried? She is drinking water and eating dry food still. Nothing ever takes her appetite away. Any help would be great!

Help! My dog munched on a plant - is it toxic?
Check here: http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pag...

Striped Dracaena is on this list.
Reply:you did the right thing taking her to the vet i hope she gets better but their has been pet food recalls but i highly dought thats whats making her sick. becouse you cant get the recalled food unless you have some left over go on the internet and see what foods have been recalled but its mostly the canned food. find out whats plants are poisanuis to animals go to the libery or on the inernet. p.s. i hope your dog gets better.
Reply:I would be doubtful that would be making her sick now if she ate the plant over a week ago. Have you checked the recall list for the contaminated pet food? It could be that, but if she is at the vet's office now, she's in the best place she could be and you did the right thing! She will be fine. : )
Reply:it seems that u have taken her to the vet well my only advice is to pray and also u can look the plant up on google or ask ur friend about it
Reply:Well good news is ..the plant was not on the toxic list, but what you have to know is is she pottying well, especially urninating...also beings your dog eats most anything here's a site for Toxic Plants http://www.library.uiuc.edu/vex/toxic/co...

in your case I would seek a VETS advice as well, it's been awhile...when or if you first catch an animal that has eatin poisions or something toxic, you can make them swallow Hydrogen Peroxide bout a 1/4 cup to start till or to make them vomit the poisions right away..got that from a Vet when our dachsund found some old rat D con...that someone had put out ( NOT us ) we never use such things around any kind of animal ...Be Well :)

Question about watering house plants.?

I have several plants like Dracaena (lucky bamboo), Venus Fly Trap, and an Orchid all of which require distilled water because they are sensitive to chlorine in tap water. I also Have several fish tanks that require me to use a water conditioner to remove the chlorine and chemicals so I was wondering if I can use conditioned water (not tank water) instead of distilled water to water these plants. I'm kind of tired of buying special water just for a few plants. I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried this.

Anyone have any opinions or facts about this idea?

Question about watering house plants.?
Besides being sensitive to chlorine burn, the three plants you list are also very sensitive to dissolved solids and minerals. So stick with RO (deionized), distilled or clean neutral pH rainwater. Avoid aquarium, softened, or conditioned tap water for the fishies. The water conditioner has to be more expensive per gal. than RO water. RScott
Reply:How often do you do a water change in your aquarium? Why? Well, for many years, I have used aquarium water to water my plants. I had a 150 gallon tank with Discus and a few other fish that require VERY clean, low pH water.

Alternatively, you can get tap water and leave it out for a day or two, the chlorine will dissipate from the water after a day. Still have the water additives (calcium, lime, etc.), but no chlorine.
Reply:Personally, I just keep what I called "aged" water in a pitcher for my houseplants. I just run tap water in there and let it set out for at least 24 hours. My plants do great with it but I don't have the ones you mentioned. I like it, too, because the water is room temperature. No shocking my leafy buddies with cold water.
Reply:Conditioned water and reverse osmosis water are two different things. A water softner or conditioner uses salt which is a no no for all of the above. If you are refering to a RO or reverse osmosis, yes you can absolutely use that and stop the distilled. If you have a PPM meter (parts per million)you can tell how clean your RO water really is. RO is what I have used for years and is fine for everything.
Reply:Do NOT use aquariums water for your lucky bamboo. I did, and lost some of my bamboo. I use spring water for both plants and tanks.
Reply:hi there,i don't have an answer for your question but i always see you answering my questions on this acount and my other acount, and i just want to say thank you for answering so many go my questions with thoughtful and correct answers. you definielty have a talent! thanks for answering all of my other gardening questions in the past!


I just got a plant I believe to be a dragon tree( either dracaena deremensis, or dracaena marginata)?

It is large, and instead of repotting it, I believe I can take cuttings from it and make new plants from them, getting rid of what is left of the original plant( which was under stress) . I know about" Air layering" which I have no time to do( I'm moving soon) is it possible to cut the crowns of the tree and treat it as a"lucky bamboo"( Dracaena sanderiana) and "plant "it in a bowl of gravel until it roots?

I just got a plant I believe to be a dragon tree( either dracaena deremensis, or dracaena marginata)?
your idea might work. some plants will shoot roots if they are placed in water, however some will not. It would be worth a try
Reply:I think they made a good choice picking this answer. I'm going to give it a try,lol. Report It