Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cure for plant disease, white colored, maybe fungus?

I have a house plant. I think it's called Dracaena--long slender leaves. I've had it for more than three years. Recently, the leaves have been falling off faster than the normal rate. The bottom leaves are falling off first. There's a white substance at the base of the leaves. I don't know if it's fungus. And I have no clue as to whether this has been causing the leaves to fall off.

I've wiped it off, but it returned, and the leaves still continue to fall off. Generally, I don't like chemical pesticides, but if there's no other cure, I'll try it. Is there a home remedy I can use? Maybe mixing water with something one regularly has in his / her kitchen?

The plant is in a location where it receives moderate light, and it has been in that location from the first day I bought it. I don't think the sunlight is the problem, nor the amount of feeding or water I give it. I'm not akin to transplanting it to a bigger pot, considering its current condition.

Cure for plant disease, white colored, maybe fungus?
It is from the Dracena Marginata family. I think you have somehow contaminated it with spider mites. Do you have any other plants, have you taken the Dracena outside lately to get sun? There is a spray that you can get at Lowe's that kills these pests, but when you do, be sure you don't take the plant outside, then inside. Keep inside, as spider mites come from other plants and that is what is killing your leaves.
Reply:Try washing with soapy (dish liquid) water. If that doesn't work you can buy insecticide soap. There are also sprays, but you would have to take it out side. And if you do, and the Sun is hot, be careful the plant doesn't burn.
Reply:Mix 1 quart water plus 1 tablespoon alcohol plus 1 drop of dishwashing detergent and spray plant and soil around the plant.
Reply:You don't need the alcohol but mix 1 part water to 1 part dishwashing liquid in a large container like a 5 gal bucket. Turn the plant upside down in the bucket while holding the soil, dip the plant up and down about 10 times, let it set for about 5 min then take it outside or in the bathtub and rinse it off. You could also do it by hand leaf by leaf wiping both top side and underside. It sounds to me as if it has mealy bugs, they will definitely kill it if not taken care of. Be sure to let the soil dry good before watering this type of plant, these plants don't like alot of water and keeping any plant to moist only attracts critters. Good Luck.

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