Monday, May 11, 2009

If I cut off a dracaena branch and put it in water, will it root? Or are there other ways to root it?

I've had the best results with air layering. I'm going to give you a link because it's just one heck of a lot of typing to explain it and the pictures help if you've never done it before.

If I cut off a dracaena branch and put it in water, will it root? Or are there other ways to root it?
A dracena is essentially a woody-stemmed plant; it will not root in water, but will simply rot. Instead, try the following:

Get a small packet of rooting hormone powder from your local nursery. Prepare a pot with new soil, possibly "lightened up" with a bit of perlite - but usually a good potting soil will do nicely. Make a fresh cut off the end of the stem, and dip the cut stem in to the rooting powder. Push the stem well down into the soil, and firm the soil around the stem (you may want to support it for a while by tying it to a stick pushed far down into the soil so it doesn't topple over). Keep the soil evenly moist, give it plenty of light (bright, but not direct sunlight), and your dracena should have new roots in no time. Don't feed it for a couple of months, or until you're sure it has roots.

You can use this method with lots of woody-stemmed plants like dracenas, ficus plants, and even rose bushes (great way to get a cutting from a favorite plant or one that you admire belonging to a friendly neighbor). Enjoy.
Reply:Put the tip in hormone powder, this will help it to grow as well.
Reply:I don't know but don't throw it away until it is rotten. I believe a dracaena is one of those plants that you tie a cup around and fill with that planting medium. You keep it wet and the roots will form around a joint. When it is well rooted you snip the branch off. It will form more stems and you have a new plant. The planting medium may be a professional term for a particular product but I simply use spahgum moss, miracle grow dirt and whatever else strikes me as ok. If it will be outside and dry out quickly I put in more dirt and sand so that it will retain its moisture. So my less than professional explanation is anything you need to start the plant rooting.
Reply:Air layer = wrap wet sphagnum moss around the stem. Cover with plastic wrap (saran) and twist tie. When you see roots, cut below the moss and plant.

Rootone is the rooting hormone you dip the cut end in then plant in soil. Place pot in zip type bag, seal. When you see new leaves you have roots.

Dracena will not root in water.
Reply:you might try some rooting medium in the water, or dipping the cut ends of skinny branches in rooting medium and then planting them. best of luck.


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