Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to prune a Dracaena Warneckii?

I have a Dracaena Warneckii that I recently commandeered from my parents. It has very long stems, but there are only two of them, and I would like to encourage it to become more bushy.

The way I'm familiar with pruning is to pinch off the new growth, but is this the correct procedure with this specific plant? I've read conflicting information on the web, and would be really interested in what people have to say... especially if someone knows the answer from experience!

How to prune a Dracaena Warneckii?
I just cut off the stem where I'd like to see a new branch or two and then plant the part I cut off, too... if you plan right, then you should have three 'layers', short med and tall.... (if you keep one without cutting)..... or just stagger the cuts on the tall ones and place the resulting short ones accordingly..(if you have pieces of stem left over, if you stay aware of which way is UP, you can plant them, too!!_)... this works best when it's nice and warm and when there's good light and when you can occasionally mist the cut ends (in the house) or mist them outside..... Warnecki is slower to grow, but they do, eventually... don't give up....

this site has lots of info for the serious grower....

do note the Floride warnings....
Reply:Air layering would be your best bet on the warneckii

they don't branch freely and are slow growing.

if you have the space and it is spring where you are you could do a trench/layering project with it and get several plants from the existing canes during the course of the summer.

if that interests you let me know by email or adding a comment to the question.

it will be of no advantage to you to remove the tip of this plant.

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