Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How much should you water and give light to dracaena marginata?

I recently bought a dracaena marginata plant for my room that's about 9 inches tall from soil surface to top about 4 days ago. The leaves on the sides and bottom are turning yellow and wilting, even though I watered it recently with about a quarter liter of water, and I put it near my window to get bright light, but not close enough to get direct sunlight. Am I doing something wrong? I want the leaves to stay nice and green like how professionals care for it.

How much should you water and give light to dracaena marginata?
Direct sunlight is what this plant needs. It sounds like you may have accidentally overwatered this guy. It is great to give it a thorough drink when watering, but then allow it to become dry nearly through %26amp; through before watering again.

Just keep an eye on it as the heat generated by being in direct sun can often dry a plant very quickly. It's also very possible it may need to be repotted, depending upon how long the store has had it in it's present container.

A pot which is just a few inches larger in diameter might work wonders %26amp; allow some room for its roots to spread. Be careful if you use any fertilizer when repotting, as its very easy to burn the roots by using too much.

This is one of my very favorite houseplants!!

Good Luck!!

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